Marketing Smart

Marketing at WLA 2023 DUBAI is a powerful way to get your brand in front of the world’s top law practitioners, decision-makers, corporate decision makers in diverse industries, business leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, and legal tech professionals.

Through WLA 2023 DUBAI custom activations, unique branded engagements, product integrations, targeted social media efforts, and prominent logo alignment with WLA 2023 DUBAI, your brand has the tools to inform, entertain, and inspire a captive global audience.

By presenting forward thinking value-add engagements at WLA 2023 DUBAI, your brand will be positioned to make a high impact across the business and legal innovations landscapes.

Apply to market at WLA2023DUBAI and build a package tailored to the audiences you want to reach.

promote your business to the leaders of legal industry, law practitioners and business leaders / CXO’s across various industries. There are a variety of print and digital advertising opportunities to choose from to help your brand reach a large, diverse audience, as well as numerous custom marketing opportunities that are as unique as the event itself.

Contact one of our team members and we will work with you to create a highly customized marketing pack for you. 

Lead Generation

WLA has a core audience of 6,000+ show attendees, 55,000+ WLA365 subscribers, 20,000+ social media followers and an email database of more than 250,000 industry professionals, senior buyers and major players.

WLA leverages this significant database of your potential clients to offer a range of targeted, broad and bespoke demand generation and qualification tools to you reach prospects and new clients, whilst respecting and offering value to this audience.

By partnering with WLA you can widen your reach, gain brand exposure and immediate, actionable and engaged leads to nurture, build relationships and close important business with.

With its position at the center of the industry and the expertise of its teams, WLA has an unrivaled position to deliver year-round and effective lead generation campaigns based around your specific business requirements.

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Brand Awareness

Be the first thing a visitor or a customer sees when they land on a WLA web page, open a WLA email or arrive at WLA2023 and pass through the conference.

There are a wide range of branding opportunities to fit any budget, from high impact signage and branding onsite at all key footfall areas around the venue, to digital marketing pre-show on WLA365 and through emails via the WLA E-Daily.

Also check out the Lead Generation and Thought Leadership pages.

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Download Brand Awareness Media Pack Here

Custom Opportunities

From keynotes, panel discussion to lounges and pre-event virtual shows, WLA 2023 DUBAI offers a variety of customizable marketing assets that fit your brand’s needs and objectives. Contact a WLA 2023 DUBAI representative to develop a marketing plan that gets results and meets your business goals.

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Download Brand Awareness Media Pack Here



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