About Us

WLA 2023 DUBAI is one of the annual flagship conferences of 'World Law Alliance'.

WLA 2023 DUBAI brings together leaders of reputed law firms, attorneys, corporate ‘C’ Level Executives and decision-makers from global organizations, startups, institutions, technology companies, associations and governments from around the world – all coming together for inspiring keynotes, thought-provoking panels, one-to-one meetings, masterclasses, book readings and limitless, high-value networking to fuel economic growth. 

Delivering to its Purpose.

Reinventing and Rebuilding Law Firms for today and Tomorrow.

Transforming in-house Legal Departments

Embracing Legal Tech and Legal Innovation.

Build Ground Breaking Partnerships.

Where legal and business leaders from around the world come together to define the way for global business and the Practice of Law. 

Where they gain the insights to tackle the changing legal and business landscape.

Featuring TED-style talks, informal lounge meetings, panel sessions, brainstorm sessions, talk shows and more – WLA 2023 DUBAI program is around the theme of – Business & Law.

As the World’S first ever event that Integrates law with business, WLA’s vision is to empower business and the Practice of Law.



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